Education kits

Education Kits

Cooking Hacks presented a website redesign to give greater importance to technical education and teaching. For that reason, we have been including kits focused on education and nowadays you can find more than 30 kits in this new Education kits category that we have decided to release on purpose. This decision was made to emphasize this focus towards teaching. From now you will find the 'Education' kits category. As new Education kits will be launching we will add them to this category.

The products contained in this category are specially designed for students and educational entities. To ease their purchase, the prices are adjusted to the maximum, being possible to find products with a 30% discount over its real price. These price conditions follow the line of the education orientation of Cooking Hacks.

To give a greater importance to technical education and teaching is a priority aim of Cooking Hacks and, for that, we want to encourage all the students and help all the educational entities to develop their IoT projects. In the near future, companies will look for more than 4 million developers and we want to participate in their training.