Learning Kit

The 'must have' kit for beginners. Yes, you can!

The Learning Kit for Arduino includes the products listed below.


The Learning Kit is the first step for beginners in Arduino. With this kit you can learn some soldering tricks and practice programming principles.
It includes basic components like resistors, LEDs, push buttons or an LCD, and a shield to mount and solder on it.

Once you have finished soldering the shield, you will be able to make simple applications, such as:

  • Light up LEDs with push buttons.
  • Measure temperature and display the value on the LCD.
  • Change the key of a buzzer with push buttons.
  • Make a Light Sensor Controlled LED using the LDR.
  • Make an alarm clock using the RTC chip.

The Learning Kit includes

  • 1x Box
  • 1x Sticker
  • 1x Tick Tock Shield including:
    • 1x Buzzer
    • 1x CAP Aluminium 100uF-16V
    • 1x Temperature Sensor-10k
    • 1x Photoresistor 10k
    • 4x Resistor 10k-5%-1/4W
    • 4x Resistor 220R-5%-1/4W
    • 3x Resistor 4,7k-5%-1/4W
    • 2x blue male header vertical
    • 2x Blue male header vertical
    • 1x Blue female header vertical
    • 1x Lithium-ion battery 3V-40mAh
    • 1x SMD Battery Cell Holder Plastic
    • 1x IC Driver
    • 1x RTC Clock/Timing
    • 2x IC Socket
    • 3x Button top
    • 2x Black round female header vertical
    • 1x LED Green
    • 1x LED Blue
    • 2x LED Red
    • 1x LED 7 segments red
    • 1x Cristal 32,768kHz-12,5pF-20ppm-30k
    • 2x Capacitor ceramic disc 1nF-50V-20%
    • 1x Capacitor ceramic disc 100nF-25V
    • 1x Starter shield PCB

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Learning Kit is a perfect start for beginners of Arduino world. You can learn basic soldering tricks and practice programming principles when learning this kit. Have prepared a detailed soldering guide and a fully supported library of programming examples from easy to difficult, so electronic could be fun even if you have bare technical knowledge. Hope you have fun and gain some knowledge with this kit!

Learning Kit contains some basic electronic resources, like buttons, sensors, buzzer and display. There is a great way to learn how to solder. Learning Kit is a through-hole soldering kit for beginners. After assembling the kit, you’ll have mastered the basics of through-hole soldering.

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