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 Post subject: NOTES MySignals HW V1 - Read before posting!
PostPosted: Tue Oct 18, 2016 7:47 am 
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First of all you can read all the information about MySignals SW in this link:



- As a new product line we are updating the firmware and mobile App’s every week so please:
    • Update regularly the MySignals Firmware to the last version. Go to the section “MySignals Firmware” of the guide for more info.
    • Update regularly the version of the Android / iOS App.


- Do not connect or disconnect any sensor or connector while MySignals is ON. MySignals can become unstable or unresponsive, and internal parts can be damaged. Connect all the sensors that you want to use with MySignals and then turn it ON.


UPDATE: In February 2017 we have released new version of MySignals. Using this new version you can connect or disconnect any sensor while MySignals is ON.

If the ID of your device is 109 of higher you are using the new model with this new feature.


- MySignals includes a stick to navigate through the menu options of the touchscreen. Please use it for a correct function of the device interface.


- The Firmware of MySignals SW manages all the sensors at the same time and monitors the response of the screen and the touchscreen. For this reason sometimes during the measurement of different sensor like blood pressure or other wireless sensors it will be able to perform one action at the same time, you have to wait it to finish before being able to navigate or interact with the screen again.


- At any time you can Activate / Deactivate the sinchronization of the information being sent to your Cloud Account by just pressing the Cloud icon on the top right corner.


- In the “Detail view” only information coming from that specific sensor is received and sent to the Cloud. If you want to receive and store information coming from many sensors at the same time you should use the “General view” screen.


Figure : General view


Figure : Detail view

- In February 2017 we have released new Firmware and App versions that allow to record continuous waves and send them to the Cloud only in server mode. You can record until 30 seconds of the data measured in detail mode of ECG, EMG, Snore and Airflow.


- In the General view the update time to the Cloud is 20s. In the Detail view is 10s.

10º - BLE sensors are not compatible with the mobile App for the moment, however you can used them in standalone and web server mode.

11º - In order to make the MySignals App send to the Cloud you need:
    Have une Department created
    Have one user created and linked to one Department
    In the App to to Users, click on one and press "Select this user"
    Make sure the "Cloud" icon is active (upper right corner of the App)

12º - Connect the ECG Electrodes to the ECG sensor cables before placing them in the user body.


13º - The ECG signals need to be measured with the user lained back on the bed or stretcher.


14º - In order to keep the MySignals enclosure clean and without any mark we recommend to place it inside the plastic bad and put the chamois cloth provided or any other protector desired on top of it before closing the bag.



15º - In case you placed MySignals into the kit without the protection and got it maked in black use a common nail-varnish remover (with no acetone on it) along with a rag to clean it.



- Can MySignals HW work against the Libelium Cloud server?

    Yes. You can use it always sending the data via the Android / iOS App. Web server connection mode is not yet implemented.

- Can MySignals work against our own cloud or a third party server?

    Yes. You can send the information coming from MySignals to a third party Cloud server by three ways:

    1º - Migrating the information stored in the Libelium Cloud to a third party Cloud server easily using the API Cloud provided


    2º- Using your own App programmed with our Android or iOS API (using BLE)

    3º -Using directly the WiFi radio (HTTP, TCP/IP, etc). This last option just for MySignals HW.


- Can MySignals connect to your own Android or iOS App?

    Yes. Just use the Android / iOS API provided to program your own App.


-Can I use all the sensors at the same time?

    In the case of MySignals SW, yes you can. In the case of MySignals HW the Arduino processor is limited, so you can not manage all the sensors, wireless communication and others features at the same time. You should select a correct combination of the options available. Check the documentation for that.

-Can I use my own sensors?

    In the case of MySignals HW we provide the sensor pinout. You can use it to integrate your own sensors. WiFi, BLE, and BT2.0 connectivity is available too in order to integrate new wireless sensors.


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