Will yo be my Valentine? - Wit ideas for your presentJanuary 25, 2016

Will yo be my Valentine? - Wit ideas for your present

Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS)

Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS)
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February is coming. Have you planned your Valentine´s day? Love is in the air. It is time to arrange romantic meetings and to buy the best present for your partner. We want to help you to be original and to find something moving. Valentine´s day is a long tradition and everybody is tired of traditional gifts.

We have the solution. From Cooking Hacks we want to help you to celebrate this day suggesting you a technological and absolutely different present. Something that will amaze your partner. A smart Valentine´s present!

The idea is to use our Tracking Kit to prepare a geo-catching box to put inside a present. This box will be closed with a lock programmed to be opened only in a specific coordinates, for example where you met your friend. Using the GPRS+GPS Quadband Module and the Internal GPS Antenna you can track these coordinates and when you will be in the place you have programmed, the box will open automatically, giving your partner an awesome surprise.

From Cooking Hacks we want to reward romantic makers with a 10% discount. You just need to post a photo or video with an explanation of your project in our Facebook page and we will put in contact with you for giving the discount coupon.

Take a look at the video below and our tutorials to find some interesting examples of what you can do with the Tracking Kit:

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