Maker MovementJanuary 17, 2014

4 thoughts on “Maker Movement”

  • michael shiloh

    How about Pachube and Botanicalls? I think both were instrumental: Botanicalls for demonstrating a simple application and Pachube for providing an open server that anyone could use.

    • Cooking Hacks

      Thanks Michael. Botanicalls appears in the Infographic as Home Automation. Open servers are not included in it yet, but it is a good suggestion to add. Thanks again.

  • Peter Newman

    Making sense of sensory data will be a big part of the future Internet of Things. I suggest three more organisations are "Enabling the Makers" by making disruptive new hardware accessible:

    - for putting general-purpose array processors and FPGAs on a board
    - for the best introductory-level electronics educational products
    - (my own company) for ultra-efficient machine learning on a board

    All are making novel electronics as easy to use as Arduino - or better.

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