Maker Faire Rome 2013. The European Edition.October 14, 2013

After some days from the Maker Faire European Edition, held in Rome, we want to share our experience there. New releases like Intel Galileo or Arduino TRE, a lot of very interesting projects from worldwide Makers, 3D Printers and companies involved in the Maker Movement.

The First Day, 4th October, was the Educational Day. Many schools and high schools from Rome and surroundings came to the Maker Faire in order to be closer to new technologies. Something like Science Fiction they saw in films, became into reality in the Faire. Robots, LED panels, dresses with animated lights... and even helmets and SuperHero costumes were some of most visited booths there. We showed them the LittleBits Kit and Makey Makey, as well as a robot-speaker which danced the songs played by itself...

The weekend was awesome, exhibitions, workshops, new releases, very long queues in the street to attend the event... The Maker Faire European Edition was to be a success... and it was. The results: 35,000 visitors in 3 days.

We were prepared for that and we did all in our hands to show people some case studies to use Open Hardware. We showed our last releases of wireless communication like 3G shield or GPRS+GPS Shield for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, as well as Waspmote, our Wireless Sensor Platform. This event was perfect to bring closer this new technology to the makers. People was also very interested in the e-Health Platform, a shield that can change the philosophy of medical appliances. The possibility of body monitoring can be applied in small hospitals... or in Digital Art performances... You can do everything in your hand with the results you receive in your Arduino... and people were fascinated with that.

In this weekend we were able to meet many people in person who we had met by email or through the Internet: Arduino Team, people from SeeedStudio, Snootlab, EXP, LinkSprite, Watterott... and Josef Prusa! I think he was one of the most photographed in the event due to the high attending of 3D Printer fans!!
We were also able to know the new releases from Intel and Arduino: Intel Galileo and Arduino TRE.

Intel Galileo is the new generation board developed in collaboration with Arduino, with the quality of Intel processors and the high community of Arduino, Intel Galileo is going to be a nice competitor for the Linux Embedded Devices.

Arduino TRE will be released in Spring 2014. Developed in collaboration with BeagleBoard Team, Arduino TRE will be a strong competitor for Raspberry Pi, video/audio outputs, full compatible with Arduino shields, joining two big communities: Arduino and Linux.

We are eager to wait for the next Maker Faire European Edition. Thanks and Congratulations to the Organization, Arduino Team and everyone involved in the event.

If you weren't able to visit the event, take a look to the photos and don't miss the next one!


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