Maker Faire program: final calendar available!October 1, 2013


The Maker Faire is an explosion of ideas, energy, creativity, and fun. It’s an event for the general public, showcasing all kinds of makers – people who have the vision, skills and courage to transform the opportunities created by technology into objects, machines, and physical things.

The Maker Faire is a great festival of products and innovation, but also a place where you can meet and network with other makers – enthusiasts, experts and start-ups –, and have the chance to see and hear the gurus in the field of innovations, who will share their thoughts and their projects through workshops and exhibitions.

4 days
200 makers coming from all over Europe to present their projects
1 opening conference
10 workshops
25 live talks with VIP speakers
10 live performances

As we said in our previous post, we will attend the Maker Faire from 4th to 6th October at the Palazzo dei Congressi in Rome’s EUR district. Meet us in our stand to know the latest releases of our Open Source Hardware developments... but this is not only our contribution... Don't miss our workshops and keynotes!!

4th October at 11AM. Let the children play with OSHW. Have you heard about Makey Makey, Little Bits or MindWave? Feel free to meet us and play with these awesome devices!!

4th October at 12AM. Keynote about e-Health Sensor Platform. We will bring the opportunity of learning how to use our e-Health Sensor Platform for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, with basic examples of the biometric sensors.

6th October at 10AM. Workshop: Waspmote: Open Source Sensor Platform for Developers. Waspmote is an open source wireless sensor platform specially focused on the implementation of low consumption modes to allow the sensor nodes to be completely autonomous. in this workshop, we will show how to use its features: accelerometer, RTC, wireless communication... Enter in the Internet of Things with this platform for makers.

What a wonderful weekend awaits the Makers!!

More info:
Maker Faire Europe website
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