Geolocate your luggage during holidays with our tracking IoT kitsJune 27, 2017

Geolocate your luggage during your holidays with Waspmote, Arduino and Raspberry Pi

During summer holidays hundreds of suitcases get lost and this is a common worry among tourists. This kind of issues can ruin your trip so, besides of using an identification label, you can develop a GPS project to get your luggage located in every moment.

We suggest you to use our tracking solutions based on the most well-known development boards Waspmote Sensor Platform, Arduino and Raspberry Pi: GPRS+GPS IoT Starter Kit, 4G IoT Starter Kit (4G / 3G / GPRS / GSM / GPS / LTE / WCDMA / HSPA+) and Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS).

These kits enable to develop real time tracking applications which read GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) with different GPS antennas and send them by means of cellular communication protocols using a HTTP request to a web server. Besides, you can visualize this data in a maps app as Google Maps, in order to control the location of your luggage.

Cooking Hacks engineering team has developed different tutorials and videotutorials in order to explain how to develop this kind tracking deployments:

Now you can go on holidays without worrying about your luggage because you will know where it is in every moment.

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