e-Health Complete Kit comes back in stock!May 5, 2013


After several weeks, we have the e-Health Complete Kit ready to ship. When we launched our last release, e-Health Sensor Shield, we know the feedback of medical devices in the market, but the high demand of them forced us to work hard on this, hacking the e-Health sensors. Now it has come in stock and it is ready to be used with Arduino and the sensors you can find in the e-Health Complete Kit.

From its release, we have received several awards and we have been in the media like Wired or Postscapes. We have given several exhibitions and workshops, like the last one in TechShop Menlo Park, where you can purchase it in their local store (CA, USA).

Don't forget to read our full guide if you need more information about e-Health Sensor Platform. Learn how to use all sensors and our apps for iPhone and Android to monitor the patient easily.

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