Discover the versatility of our e-Health Sensor PlatformAugust 22, 2016

e-Health Sensor Platform Complete Kit

Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS)

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One of our key products is the e-Health Sensor Platform Complete Kit and this is not by chance. It is one of the most complete IoT kits for prototyping and developing low cost medical applications. Besides, it is fully compatible with the most well-known boards: Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

It is available with 10 different sensors which allow to monitor the most important parameters of a patient: pulse and oxygen in blood, blood pressure, concentration of glucose in blood, breathing, body temperature, heart electrical and muscular functions, electrical conductivity of the skin, electrical activity of muscles or patient position.

The fact of being compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi enables the e-Health Sensor Platform to upload wirelessly the biometric data gathered to the cloud. The communication protocols available are WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, 802.15.4 and 4G/3G/GPRS. This enables a data visualization in a web or mobile app.

Whatch this video to know some e-Health Sensor Platform components and functionalities.

This platform to measure biometric parameters has been chosen for researchers and developers to design applications which can help to make people life easier. In Cooking Hacks blog, it can be found some real application examples of how the e-Health Sensor Platform can be used:

We put at your disposal the e-Health Sensor Platform V2.0 for Arduino and Raspberry Pi step-by-step tutorial which explain down to the last detail which components compund the kit and how do they work. It also explains how to integrate it with Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards.

There is not excuse for developing medical applications with our e-Health Sensor Platform Complete Kit with all this inspiration examples and all the info we put at your disposal in our tutorials.

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