Daily IoT: Welcome Home AutomationMay 29, 2017

IoT has arrived at your house: Welcome Home Automation

Imagine all electronic devices could be connected to the Internet. Imagine that those devices could communicate, send you information and do your bidding. With Cooking Hacks this is not a dream. Make your IoT home automation project come true with our Arduino and Raspberry Pi Home Automation Starter Kits.

Cooking Hacks engineering team has been showing the potential of our Home Automation kits with different projects ranging from HVAC Controlling to a Smart Media Center or a Wireless Surveillance & Security System. These projects are completely documented in different step-by-step tutorials and in some videos in our Youtube channel. Cooking Hacks team used the following kits to develop these Home Automation projects:

All these kits are based on Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi 3 development boards. Moreover, they include different shields and modules which enable to work with the most well-known communication protocols as GPRS, 3G, 4G, LoRa, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc., which gives an idea of its high level of versatility.

Besides, you are in luck because we have dropped the price of Arduino UNO and Raspberry Pi 3 development boards, which implies a price drop on all kits based on those platforms. You can control all devices of your home: from windows or lights to temperature or locks. Visit the Home Automation category in order to find the wide range of Arduino and Raspberry Pi Starter Kits which help you to automatize your home and open the door to IoT.

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