• IoT Spartans Challenge winner gives a seminar about IoT with Waspmote Sensor PlatformMay 16, 2017

    During the last week of April Emanuele Goldoni, the winner of the first edition of the IoT Spartans Challenge, visited the University of Bergamo, Italy, and held a seminar on Radio Technologies for IoT. The presentation was framed in a course about multimedia Internet networks.

    During the seminar, Emanuele described his experience with the past IoT Spartans Challenge and promoted the new edition of the contest among the students. Then, he provided an overview of the standards for low-rate WPAN and the emerging protocols for LPWAN.

    Finally, using a couple of Waspmote Sensor Platforms, he showed how to program the devices and compared the rates and ranges achievable by 802.15.4 and LoRa radio modules through a live demo.

    Follow in Emanuel´s steps and get involve in the IoT. He discovered the potential of Libelium Waspmote Sensor Platform at the same time he was climbing the ranks of the IoT Spartans Challenge 2016 edition. What are you waiting for?

    IoT Spartans Challenge winner seminar about IoT with Waspmote
    Emanuel Goldoni, winner of IoT Spartnas Challenge 2016 edition
  • Barcelona park Smart Irrigation System project with Waspmote Agriculture Sensors KitApril 25, 2017


    Smart Agriculture is getting increasingly present in our daily life. This kind of deployments are settled in the countryside for a while, but nowadays Smart Agriculture projects are having a huge growth in cities.

    Modern cities are getting involved in the Internet of Things and are improving their management with smart projects. In this case, Barcelona deployed a smart irrigation system based in Waspmote Sensor Platform in Poblenou Park Centre.

    The deployment is based on sensors technology and consists in allowing remote control of the irrigation system to facilitate the management of the water network. This new irrigation management system allows an automatic control of the electronic valves that close or open the water flow.

    The project is compound by soil moisture probes located underground together with Waspmote Sensor Platform. They are put inside waterproof boxes that ensure highly durability. Besides, these devices are powered by a long-life battery with one year autonomy.

    Data gathered by Waspmote Sensor Platform can be sent to a gateway or directly to the cloud. It can be done through several communication protocols, such us GPRS, 3G, 4G, LoRaWAN, LoRa, Sigfox, 868 MHz, 900MHz, ZigBee, 802.15.4, WiFi, RFID, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0. In this project, data is sent through ZigBee to a Meshlium Gateway, provided by Libelium, and from there to the cloud using 3G.

    The information collected can be visualized in a platform which concentrates and allows knowing the state in each zone and it can be controlled with computers, tablets and also smartphones.

    The system optimizes water consumption because it irrigates with the proper amount according to weather conditions and the plants’ needs. Thanks to this new management system the municipal water bill has been cut down near a 25% in the city. Moreover, this reduction is not just about money, the water usage has been reduced too.

    Barcelona is saving resources such us water with Waspmote Sensor Platform and contributing to enhance the environment too. For gardeners, their daily work tasks has been eased too. Controlling the irrigation system and detecting any incidents that may have occurred can nowadays be checked in real-time.

    This project led by Barcelona City Council joins hardware components which gather data and send them through a gateway to the cloud in order to be visualized for irrigation management. This gives an idea of the versatility of Waspmote Sensor Platform, which can be used in the most professional projects.

    If you are interested in developing a Smart Agriculture projects, in Cooking Hacks you can find one of the most versatile and professional IoT kits, the Waspmote Agriculture Sensors Kit.

    This kit allows to monitor multiple environmental parameters involving a wide range of applications, from growing development analysis to weather observation. This kit contents specifically Waspmote Agriculture Sensor Board, which allows to connects these sensors: Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor and Atmospheric Pressure Sensor.

    Anyway, the Agriculture Sensor Board enables to connect up to 14 sensors at the same time, for example sensors for air and soil temperature and humidity, solar visible radiation, wind speed and direction, rainfall, leaf wetness and fruit or trunk diameter (dendrometer).

    With the objective of extending the durability of the device after the deployment, the board is endowed with a solid state switches system that facilitates a precise regulation of its power, prolonging the life if the battery.

    Discover how the Waspmote Agriculture Sensors Kit can be your best fellow traveler when you start deploying Smart Agriculture projects, whether in the countryside or in the city, helping you to make the difference.

  • Equip your Lab for summer school with Cooking HacksMay 30, 2016


    The end-of-class is here. Prepare the summer school equipping your lab with new kits. Summer time is perfect to improve students electronic skills with our specially designed kits for education. Take advantage of this long period of time and encourage them to be the best prepared to start next school year.

    One year ago, Cooking Hacks presented a website redesign to give greater importance to technical education and teaching. For that reason, we have been including kits focused on education and nowadays you can find more than 50 kits.

    More than 50 Education Kits available

    All of our kits are available with the most well-known communication protocols as 3G/GPRS, WiFi, LoRa, LoRaWAN, SIGFOX, ZigBee, etc. Besides, they enable a total customization because they are available with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo and Libelium Waspmote Sensor Platform boards. Just select the platform that best suits your needs and start developing amazing IoT projects.

    Waspmote Starter Kit

    Waspmote Starter Kit
    Buy now

    Waspmote Evaluator Kit

    Waspmote Evaluator Kit
    Buy now

    Starter Kit

    Starter Kit
    Buy now

    New Education Kits category

    Up to now, you could find our wide range of kits in some categories sort by platforms, user level, skills and applications. There you were able to find kits designed towards education mixed with others.

    Now we have decided to release an Education kits category on purpose. This decision was made to emphasize this focus towards teaching. From now you will find the 'Education' category inside 'Kits by categories' in the left menu. As new Education kits will be launching we will add them to this category.

    The products contained in this category are specially designed for students and educational entities. To ease their purchase, the prices are adjusted to the maximum, being possible to find products with a 30% discount over its real price. These price conditions follow the line of the education orientation of Cooking Hacks.


    Documentation and training

    In addition, as you know, there are over 100 step-by-step tutorials available in order to help you to develop your IoT projects in a clever, pleasant and visual way. Following with the tutorials, we suggest you to visit the Cooking Hacks YouTube channel. Both tutorials and videos are made by our engineer team, who are also in charge of the Cooking Hacks Forum, the place where you will find answers to all your doubts.

    Finally, working by the hand of Libelium, we organize two types of training in Waspmote: a quarterly Waspmote Face-to-Face Workshop and a monthly Waspmote Free Overview Webinar (with the exception of January, July and August). They are the best option to get an overview of our Waspmote Sensor Platform to get started with it.

    To give a greater importance to technical education and teaching is a priority aim of Cooking Hacks and, for that, we want to encourage all the students and help all the educational entities to develop their projects. In the near future, companies will look for more than 4 million developers and we want to participate in their training.

  • LoRaWAN 900 / 915MHz America Module now available at Cooking Hacks!May 4, 2016

    LoRaWAN 900 / 915MHz America Module now available at Cooking Hacks!

    Are you interested in developing projects with LoRaWAN technology in U.S.? You are in luck because the announcement you were waiting has come. The LoRaWAN 900 / 915 MHz modules for Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3 and Waspmote has been released in our store, so now you can create your own Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) deployments.

    Remember that LoRaWAN is a private and spread-spectrum modulation technique which allows sending data at extremely low data-rates to extremely long ranges and enables long distance communication points to more than 22 km (13.6 miles) away. It works even through buildings, what makes it one of the best options for developing projects in an urban environment.

    Discover all the features and the possibilities of our LoRaWAN 900 / 915 MHz with our products:

    For more information about LoRaWAN 900 / 915MHz visit the LoRaWAN Technology for Arduino, Waspmote and Raspberry Pi tutorial.

  • International IoT Day is here!March 28, 2016


    April is coming, and with it one of our favorite days: The IoT Day. It is a worldwide event which will take place on April 9. The IoT Day is the meeting point for markers, developers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders or basically any person interested in technology, around the Internet of Things.

    The April 9, there are several events around the world scheduled to celebrate this important date discussing about IoT and what is capable of. In this sense, Cooking Hacks banks strongly on the Internet of Things and wants to promote it around the world.

    We want to encourage to all makers to develop IoT solutions, and what better way than by using our products. Discover our IoT Starter Kits fully compatible with a wide range of devices and with the most well known communication protocols (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, 3G/GPRS, WiFi, etc.).

    From Cooking Hacks we have prepared three promotion weeks to celebrate the IoT Day with you. We start today and we will disclose the new promotion weeks on following Mondays. They will be related to our IoT products.

    WEEK 3: 04/04 – 10/04

    The key day of these promotion weeks has come. The IoT Day is on April 9. To celebrate this date we want to boost the worldwide interest in IoT offering a 10% discount during this week in our new IoT Starter Kits category until April 10.
    These IoT Starter Kits are the perfect combination between a sensor platform and a communication protocol. In this case, the kits are equipped with the successful open source Waspmote Sensor Platform, designed by Libelium. Besides, they are available with the most well-known communication protocols as Sigfox, LoRaWAN, LoRa, WiFi, 3G, ZigBee and GPRS+GPS. Their distinctive characteristic is that they are fully compatible with our Waspmote Sensor Kits, the ideal choice for monitoring solutions.

  • Cooking Hacks launches the IoT Starter Kits fully integrated with our Waspmote Sensor KitsMarch 8, 2016


    Cooking Hacks has launched the IoT Starter Kits, a fully configurable range of kits. This is a great way to begin in the IoT world using one of the most professional solutions.

    These kits are based on the successful open source Waspmote Sensor Platform, designed by Libelium, and on one of the most well-known communication protocols. In this sense, you can find solutions available with SigFox, LoRaWAN, LoRa, WiFi, 3G, Zigbee and GPRS+GPS. The distinctive feature of these IoT Starter Kits is that they are fully configurable with our Waspmote Sensor Kits, which are ideal to monitor different parameters related to Smart Cities, gases, agriculture, etc. Besides, they include rechargeable batteries in order to have an autonomous functioning.

    In this category, you will find the following IoT Starter Kits Kits:

    Do not miss the chance to get involved in the IoT World with our IoT Starter Kits and develop monitoring solutions that will add value to your projects making them more complete and professional.

  • Free shipping orders only in January!January 11, 2016

    New Free shipping policy

    Maker, you are in luck! We know that Christmas is a period of shopping and expenses and, from Cooking Hacks, we want to get easy to beat the tough post-Christmas crunch. We have implemented a new free shipping policy since 11th January until 31st January.

    As you can remember, up to now, we were offering free shipping for orders with a subtotal above 150€ only in deliveries to Spain. Since 11th January until 31st January Cooking Hacks expands its free shipping policy for orders above 150€ sent around the world.

    We try to find the best cost and way to send you your purchases. Don´t miss this amazing opportunity to save some money in this hard period and take advantage of our new free shipping policy in January.

    Please Note: the shipping costs does not include the duties and taxes in the destination country expenses since they vary with a number of parameters. In case of exports, the order will be shipped with a final invoice for customs so it will contain the same amount that was paid, not less. If the customer refuses to pay these extra charges, the return shipping and any additional fees will be taken out of the cost of the order, with any remaining funds being refunded to the customer.

    We usually prepare orders from 9am – 11am, we can not make guarantee of same-day shipping for orders placed after 11am.

  • Smart Nativity Scene with Cooking HacksDecember 14, 2015

    Smart nativity scene with Cooking Hacks

    Only for Christmas lovers and model makers!

    Following the tradition of Spanish Christmas, our team has created this 3D live nativity scene Portal with Cooking Hacks products. You can imitate it with the gadgets you usually use for your makings and share it with us.

    • St. Joseph is made of a Waspmote, some SMA Pigtails, a BNC connector, a button battery, a geiger tube, and cables.
    • Virgin Mary is based on a Waspmote, some SMA Pigtails and a button battery.
    • Christ-Child is one of our Waspmote Standard Video Camera sensor board, WiFi module and a button battery.
    • Of course, it could not miss the mule and the ox made with two Waspmotes, a SMA pigtail, a GPRS module, an 868/900 communication module, a 2'4 antenna connector and some chips and transistors.

    The guest stars to this real scene are the Three Wise Men -Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar- dressed with the red cape over an e-Health Sensor Shield, a waspmote, some expansion boards, some button batteries, some cables, some BNC connectors, some SMA pigtails and a Waspmote Smart Metering sensor board. And don't miss the sheep, created with resistors.

    The real scene is also equipped with water flowing in the river and with sensors of presence that switch on the Xmas music and the Star of Bethlehem that brights on the Cooking Hacks night.

    Smart nativity scene with Cooking Hacks

    Smart nativity scene with Cooking Hacks

  • Libelium Launches Global IoT Spartans Challenge to Promote Developer TrainingNovember 10, 2015


    Who is going to build the projected 50 billion connected devices and Internet of Things systems slated to come online by the year 2020? Libelium is throwing down the gauntlet to empower the future IoT workforce by promoting electronics skills in universities and high schools, offering specialized training and a contest to rank and reward the most promising developers and their educators. With technology advancing at a rapid clip, Libelium’s IoT Spartans challenge intends to bridge the gap between the skills today’s employers need and the career development of a new, emerging IoT workforce whose products and services will touch every sector of the global economy.

    IoT Spartans Challenge – How it works:

    "Today, a shortage of qualified professionals to build the Internet of Things could be holding the industry back,” said Alicia Asín, Libelium’s CEO. “Building the IoT requires teaching and learning new skills that involve electronics, sensor networks, hardware, and software development. With the IoT Spartans Challenge we are helping universities, colleges and high schools train and guide the future workers who will build and run IoT projects and long term deployments, and giving them recognition for their efforts.”

    IoT Student Kit

    The IoT Spartans Challenge is available to individuals and educational institutions, with free online registration open between December 16, 2015 and January 31, 2016. In 2016, from February 1 through June 10, participants may attend webinars covering IoT concepts using the Waspmote IoT development platform, and take quizzes and exams. A ranking of the top 300 IoT Spartans will be published every month between February and June 2016. The top three developers will win cash prizes ranging from 500 Euros to 3,000 Euros for individuals, and the highest-ranking educational institution will win 5,000 Euros in equipment from the Libelium catalogue.

    IoT Spartans Ambassador

    Technology, engineering, and electronics students can nominate their professors and teachers to participate as IoT Spartans Ambassadors.

    Join the challenge and find out more at www.iot-spartans.com

    IoT Spartans

  • Meet us at Maker Faire Berlin - October 3 & 4September 28, 2015

    Autumn is a pretty busy time for makers, full of hackathons and faires everywhere. Here in Europe we have one of the largest events, Maker Faire Rome, where more than 90 thousand people attended last year, and apart from that, just in October our friends in Denmark (Aarhus), Turkey (Istanbul), Spain (Santiago de Compostela) and Finland (Espoo) will enjoy their own mini maker faires.

    In the 2015 edition of Maker Faire Berlin over 120 booths will be available for companies and makers to present their inventions and devices. All throughout the weekend there will be talks and showcases, and workshops where you'll be able to learn about 3D printing or how to connect your sensors to the Internet.

    Look for the IoT Spartan

    Maker Faire Berlin 2015

    We will be visiting Maker Faire Berlin 2015, where we will promote the IoT Spartans Challenge, among other things.

    A while ago we decided in Cooking Hacks to focus extensively on technical education. This was made to meet the increasing demand for IoT developers. An article by Gartner predicted 4.9 billion things connected to the Internet in 2015, and up to 25 billion by 2020. IoT is already having a large impact on industries like utilities, manufacturing and transportation and expanding more and more to government and city councils.

    We thought we had to do something about this situation, so we prepared 20 new kits, specially oriented to education and covering all kind of sensors and wireless technologies. Theses kits, along with over 100 step-to-step tutorials, provide a solid basis for students and future IoT developers.

    Another initiative from Libelium and Cooking Hacks in this aspect is the IoT Spartans. This challenge, to be launched later this year, will identify and give public recognition to the best developers. Libelium will give webinars on Waspmote, where participants will learn how to use this platform as a development tool for the IoT.


    After that, the Spartans will take several tests where they will prove their skills, and will be later ranked monthly in a public list with the top developers. The best 3 developers and the best university will have money prizes at the end of the challenge.

    Don't forget to look for the IoT Spartan around the Maker Faire (logo on the left) and join in!

    Visit www.iot-spartans.com

    Follow us and stay tuned on @iotspartans

    Read more about Libelium IoT Training here.

    Maker Faire Berlin will take place at Postbahnhof am Ostbahnhof, StraĂźe der Pariser Kommune 8.Check a map here.

    Check our visits to previous Maker Faires: Maker Faire Rome 2014 - Maker Faire New York 2014


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