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  • Blood Pressure Sensor comes back in stock!!May 22, 2013

    After several months under development, Cooking Hacks Team has been able to offer a new Blood Pressure Sensor (Sphygmomanometer) ready to ship. 

    This Sphygmomanometer allows to measure the blood pressure and read it with Arduino. Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the arteries as it is pumped around the body by the heart. When your heart beats, it contracts and pushes blood through the arteries to the rest of your body. This force creates pressure on the arteries. Blood pressure is recorded as two numbers—the systolic pressure (as the heart beats) over the diastolic pressure (as the heart relaxes between beats).

    It has a screen to see the values directly, but you can also use it with our e-Health Sensor Platform to share the results through the Cloud, entering in the Internet of Things. From the release of the e-Health Sensor Platform, we have received several awards and we have been in the media like Wired or Postscapes. This sensor is also included in the e-Health Sensor Platform Complete Kit.

    Don't forget to read our full guide if you need more information about e-Health Sensor Platform. Learn how to use all sensors and our apps for iPhone and Android to monitor the patient easily.

  • Old bus display reverse engineered to work with a Raspberry PiMay 13, 2013


    Dimitri, Frank, Kevin and Robin from Eectronique have sent in some details of a project that they have been working on. They had an old early 90′s LED matrix sign and wanted to make it work with a Raspberry Pi. The circuit layout is what you would expect from that era.

    They retreived an old (1992 !) bus display (the thing that says the next stops on the buses). It was old: unknown protocol, unknown wiring, not fast at all...

    Via: Dangerous Prototypes, Source: Electronique

  • I Cooking Hacks Workshops in TechShop Menlo ParkApril 29, 2013

    Last April 19-21, Cooking Hacks was giving a Hacking Weekend in TechShop Menlo Park, where people enjoy with several workshops related to the Internet of Things, from small projects using Arduino or Raspberry Pi to a wide explanation about Waspmote and its Events board.

    Alicia an Jorge shared their knowledge through examples about wireless communication. Alicia gave a speech about the Internet of Things and the evolution of Cooking Hacks, from the beginning with Arduino to the release of the Waspmote Starter Kit to bring it close to the makers.

    Jorge teached how to use 802.15.4 and GPRS protocols in two different platforms, Arduino and Raspberry Pi, through basic examples like blinking a led.

    e-Health Sensor Platform was amazing. All people enjoyed (like children) the sensors while Jorge, our engineer, showed the features of each one: ECG, Breathing, Position, SPO2...

    In order to finish, Jorge gave a workshop with Waspmote Events Kit where making basic examples about security (using a PIR Sensor) and wireless communication with 802.15.4.

    All kits from these workshops, including the e-Health Complete Kit, are available in TechShop locations (Menlo Park and San Jose).

    Don't forget! We will come back in May!! Stay tuned!

    Enjoy all pics in our Facebook Channel.

  • Domotic House with ArduinoApril 15, 2013


    Either separately or combined with Raspberry Pi, Arduino allows to automate processes in our homes and therefore develop low cost automation systems.

    Check the lighting in our house from a tablet or mobile phone, raise or lower the blinds, and even automate the irrigation our garden are some of the things we can automate at our homes using Arduino.

    Via: Alt1040, Source: Diego Romano

  • Cooking Hacks at TechShop San Jose too!!April 7, 2013

    Cooking Hacks will arrive at TechShop San Jose, CA (USA) in April. If you missed the Hackathon in TechShop Menlo Park, you will be able to attend the lecture about Open Hardware and the Internet of Things in TechShop San Jose next April 19. Alicia Asin, Libelium CEO, will explain how open hardware helped them as entrepreneurs to bootstrap Libelium (which has designed an open source sensor platform), build a community around it, and use the input received to improve the product. She will also discuss the traction that makers are gaining inside the Internet of Things landscape with some examples of crowdsourcing.

    See you in California soon!!

    Via and Source: TechShop

  • Let's Celebrate Earth Day with Cooking HacksApril 3, 2013

    Cooking Hacks wants to celebrate Earth Day with you. On 22th April, people around the world use to do something ecologic along the day. We want to propose several ideas during these days to save energy with our solutions: from smart irrigation to environment monitoring. We will focus our projects in our three well-know platforms: Waspmote, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

    We will post the projects in our Blog and we will show direct links to all you need to make them.

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    - April 9: Internet of Things Day
    - Detecting Radiation Levels in Fukushima: an example of crowdsourcing
    - Using Waspmote to monitor environmental parameters in Santander

    Did you miss the last Earth Day? All info here.

  • Mailbox notifier texts when the letter carrier arrivesMarch 15, 2013


    [Felix Rusu's] mailbox is on the other side of the street and he’s got a pretty big front yard. This means checking for mail is not just a pop your head out of the door type of activity. This becomes especially noticeable during the winter months when he has to bundle up and trudge through the snow to see if his letter carrier has been there yet. But he’s made pointless trips a thing of the past by building a notifier that monitors the mailbox for him.

    He’s using a Moteino, which is an Arduino clone of his own making. It’s tiny and features an RF module on the underside of the board which takes care of communicating with a base station inside the house. The module seen above rolls the microcontroller board up along with a 9V battery and a hall effect sensor which can tell if the mailbox door is open or closed. When the Arduino detects a change to that sensor it pushes some data back to the base station which then relays the info to a computer or Raspberry Pi in order to send him a text message.

    Via: Hack a Day, Source: LowPowerLab

  • e-Health Sensor Platform featured in Wired!March 2, 2013

    Joseph Flaherty, from Wired, wrote an interesting article about 10 Raspberry Pi Projects. The e-Health Sensor Platform was described as follow:

    "Innovation in healthcare is happening at a rapid clip. Between funding sources like incubator Rock Health and open APIs from companies like Nike, there has never been a better time to serve hypochondriacs. However, it's still difficult for engineers to collect biometric data like blood pressure, galvanic skin response and respiration rates.

    Enter Libelium, a Spanish wireless hardware manufacturer, that has created a Raspberry Pi/Arduino shield that gives health hackers easy access to these measurements.

    This shield can collect data from a host of connected peripherals and transmit it to apps via ZigBee, WiFi, or hardwired connections. The resulting products can't be used in real healthcare settings, but this kind of tool could be incredibly helpful in rapidly prototyping new device ideas or testing out innovative concepts before dealing with the regulations the FDA and international authorities require."

    Thank you Joseph!

    Via and Source: Wired

  • Cooking Hacks releases back in stock!!February 12, 2013

    After several weeks, we have the new releases ready to ship. All products from our oven are available for you!

    When we launched our last release, e-Health Sensor Shield, we know the feedback of medical devices in the market, but the high demand of them forced us to work hard on this and place a second batch in ONLY TWO DAYS. Now it has come in stock and it is ready to be used with Arduino and the sensors you can find in the e-Health Complete Kit.

    The Raspberry Pi to Arduino Shields Connection Bridge was the first shield to join both platforms in one. Now, people who have used Arduino in their projects, are able to do the same with the power of Raspberry Pi. Thanks to the feedback from our Community, we launched several kits to include all you need for using Arduino shields with Raspberry Pi.

    Due to the release of Raspberry Pi to Arduino Shields Connection Bridge, we saw that 3G/GPRS shield (3G+GPS) needed to be modified due to work properly with Raspberry Pi so in the last batch, we have included an "Arduino/Raspberry Pi jumper" (below Serial com.jumpers) to select if the 3G shield is going to be used with Arduino or with Raspberry Pi.

    Take care. If you use this shield with Arduino, please DON'T put the jumper in Raspberry Pi position. It can damage the 3G Shield.

    The new batches are ready for you so, don't forget to read the tutorials and reviews:

    3G/GPRS Shield for Arduino Tutorial
    3G/GPRS Shield for Raspberry Pi Tutorial
    Raspberry Pi to Arduino Shields Connection Bridge Tutorial
    e-Health Sensor Platform Tutorial
    Raspberry Pi to Arduino Shields Connection Bridge Review

  • 4000 products already!! If it exists, we have it!February 6, 2013

    After several months, we have our new website ready for you! Get any product from Sparkfun, SeeedStudio or DFRobot just ordering On Demand.

    The process is simple, just choose among of our 4000 products in the Cooking Hacks catalogue related to any electronic category including the well know Arduino and Raspberry Pi families.

    What's new? We know that information about the products is essential for you so now you will find an easy way to know each product status and its meaning.


    In Stock

    The product is available in our warehouse. You can place the order and you will receive it according to the shipping method.


    On Demand

    On Demand products are items that we bring to our customers through an order. We have more than 4000 On Demand products to complete any order in our shop!!

    So place a normal order and we will ask for them to our suppliers, and will ship to you in just one shipment to save costs. The period may vary from 1 to 3 weeks. When the order is complete, we will ship it to you!.


    Back Order

    Currently, there is no stock, but we will receive it soon. You can buy it and we will ship the order as soon as it comes back available (normally from 1 to 3 weeks).

    Orders that include an On Demand or Back Order item will be shipped when they are available again in one shipment. This means the order will take from 1 to 3 weeks to be shipped once the order is placed You will be notified when adding a backorder product in the cart. If you want to receive first the items in-stock, please, place two different orders separating the in-stock and On Demand or Back Order items.



    This product is only available for search (tutorials, schematics...). They can not be purchased.

    If you click on the availability icon next to the "Buy now" button, a pop-window will appear with the info showed above.

    We have received many suggestion asking if we could get products from Sparkfun, Seeed and DFRobot in order to save costs in a unique order. So we created the On Demand section to include of all them. Just place the order and we will ask for them to our suppliers. The order should be ready from 1 to 3 weeks. Once the order is shipped, you will be notified.

    If you use to navigate through the Search box, you will find these products with the Orange icon. As we have mentioned above we don't stock them automatically so if you are interested on it, you must place an order first. We use to purchase weekly (every Thursday) to our suppliers so if your purchase has been placed before Thursday, we will buy it in our supplier and we use to receive them next Tuesday-Wednesday most of times. So once we receive them we will ship the order to you.

    It's an easy way to buy all desired products in the same place. Come on makers!!

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