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  • Libelium focuses its business on professional IoT technology closing the electronics maker division "Cooking Hacks"September 27, 2019

    final stock cooking hacks

    In a technological market where the demand for professional solutions is increasingly challenging, Libelium has decided to focus on the strategic shift to offer complete IoT technology solutions specialising in vertical applications.

    This decision marks the operational closure of the e-commerce Cooking Hacks, the business division where Libelium has offered electronic products for amateur audiences (makers, students...). This shutdown will be effective from December 20, 2019. Until that date, Cooking Hacks will offer very attractive prices with different campaigns of stock liquidation. Libelium will continue to offer technical support and all products purchased will maintain their current warranty period.

    "As a pioneer in IoT, Libelium has offered technology for all audiences since the beginning in 2006. It is time to specialize in products and solutions with higher added value, better quality, accuracy and reliability; features that require more developed platforms than Arduino and Raspberry Pi. This requires allocating all of the company's resources to larger projects, which excludes the retailing of lower-demand components," explains Alicia AsĂ­n, co-founder and CEO of Libelium.

    Moreover, Libelium will continue offering its Waspmote OEM business line with all its components and actual references published on the catalog. These products will continue being available to be ordered through the sales team channel.

    Cooking Hacks started in 2011 with the intention of extending electronic for makers to any audience in an educational, accessible and fun way. Over the last 8 years, the online store has offered a complete catalogue of products and components, documentation, tutorials and a forum for resolving technical issues. Not in vane, Cooking Hacks has reached almost 30,000 subscribers to the newsletter and more than 11,500 followers in social media. This audience is evolving towards the professional side of IoT through the corporate website Libelium and The IoT Marketplace, the online store that offers complete solutions that include hardware and software "ready to use".

  • IoT Spartans Challenge winner gives a seminar about IoT with Waspmote Sensor PlatformMay 16, 2017

    During the last week of April Emanuele Goldoni, the winner of the first edition of the IoT Spartans Challenge, visited the University of Bergamo, Italy, and held a seminar on Radio Technologies for IoT. The presentation was framed in a course about multimedia Internet networks.

    During the seminar, Emanuele described his experience with the past IoT Spartans Challenge and promoted the new edition of the contest among the students. Then, he provided an overview of the standards for low-rate WPAN and the emerging protocols for LPWAN.

    Finally, using a couple of Waspmote Sensor Platforms, he showed how to program the devices and compared the rates and ranges achievable by 802.15.4 and LoRa radio modules through a live demo.

    Follow in Emanuel´s steps and get involve in the IoT. He discovered the potential of Libelium Waspmote Sensor Platform at the same time he was climbing the ranks of the IoT Spartans Challenge 2016 edition. What are you waiting for?

    IoT Spartans Challenge winner seminar about IoT with Waspmote
    Emanuel Goldoni, winner of IoT Spartnas Challenge 2016 edition
  • Differences between the old e-Health Platform and MySignalsOctober 4, 2016

    Differences between the old e-Health Platform and MySignals

    Discover MySignals now!

    MySignals is the new generation of eHealth and medical development products specifically oriented to researchers, developers and makers. It has new features that significantly improve the previous version commonly known as eHealth v2.

    • The number of sensors has been increased from 10 to 16.
    • The new sensors availables are: Snore, Spirometer, Blood Pressure (BLE), SPO2 (BLE), Glucometer (BLE) and Body Scale (weight, bone mass, body fat, muscle mass, body water, visceral fat, Basal Metabolic Rate and Body Mass Index)
    • The accuracy of the sensors has been improved.
    • The sensor probes are more robust now.
    • The new generation integrates a faster MCU with 4 times more memory.
    • WiFi and BLE radios now integrated on the PCB.
    • A complete graphic system with a TFT touchscreen allows to see the data coming realtime from the sensors.
    • New 'audio type' jack connectors allows it to be used by non technical staff.
    • CE / FCC / IC certifications passed for MySignals SW.
    • Cloud Storage of the data is now available to save historical information.
    • Native Android / iOS App's can be used now to visualize the information in realtime and to browse the Cloud data.

    Discover MySignals, the new eHealth and medical development platform!

    In the next tables you can see a complete comparative between eHealth v2 and the two different models of MySignals.


    There are several differences comparing the general features of MySignals and the previous product version eHealth V2.

    e-Health V2.0
    MySignals SW
    MySignals HW
    Arduino compatible
    Libelium IoT Core
    Arduino compatible
    RAM Memory
    Atmega 328 (Arduino UNO)
    Atmega 2560
    Atmega 328 (Arduino UNO)
    Flash Memory
    UART sockets
    1 (multiplexed)
    Complete Kit
    GLCD - optional (basic graphics)
    TFT (complete graphic interface)
    TFT (basic graphics)
    Cloud Storage
    Android / iOS App
    API Cloud
    API Android/iOS
    Wired Sensors
    Wireless Sensors
    Concurrent Sensor Readings
    From any sensor (10) to one interface
    From any sensor (16) to one interface (TFT, BLE, WiFi)
    From one group of sensors (analog, UART, BLE) to one interface (TFT, BLE, WiFi)
    Radios on board
    BLE, WiFi
    BLE, WiFi
    Extra Radios
    BT, ZigBee, 4G / 3G / GPRS
    BT, ZigBee, 4G / 3G / GPRS
    CE / FCC / IC


    eHealth V2.0
    MySignals SW
    MySignals HW
    Body Position
    Body temperature
    Galvanic Skin Response
    Blood Pressure
    Scale (BLE)
    Blood Pressure (BLE)
    Pulsioximeter (BLE)
    Glucometer (BLE)
    e-Health Sensor Platform last units
    MySignals SW - eHealth and Medical IoT Development Platform
    MySignals HW - eHealth and Medical IoT Development Platform for Arduino
    MySignals - eHealth and Medical IoT Development Platform

  • Equip your Lab for summer school with Cooking HacksMay 30, 2016


    The end-of-class is here. Prepare the summer school equipping your lab with new kits. Summer time is perfect to improve students electronic skills with our specially designed kits for education. Take advantage of this long period of time and encourage them to be the best prepared to start next school year.

    One year ago, Cooking Hacks presented a website redesign to give greater importance to technical education and teaching. For that reason, we have been including kits focused on education and nowadays you can find more than 50 kits.

    More than 50 Education Kits available

    All of our kits are available with the most well-known communication protocols as 3G/GPRS, WiFi, LoRa, LoRaWAN, SIGFOX, ZigBee, etc. Besides, they enable a total customization because they are available with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo and Libelium Waspmote Sensor Platform boards. Just select the platform that best suits your needs and start developing amazing IoT projects.

    Waspmote Starter Kit

    Waspmote Starter Kit
    Buy now

    Waspmote Evaluator Kit

    Waspmote Evaluator Kit
    Buy now

    Starter Kit

    Starter Kit
    Buy now

    New Education Kits category

    Up to now, you could find our wide range of kits in some categories sort by platforms, user level, skills and applications. There you were able to find kits designed towards education mixed with others.

    Now we have decided to release an Education kits category on purpose. This decision was made to emphasize this focus towards teaching. From now you will find the 'Education' category inside 'Kits by categories' in the left menu. As new Education kits will be launching we will add them to this category.

    The products contained in this category are specially designed for students and educational entities. To ease their purchase, the prices are adjusted to the maximum, being possible to find products with a 30% discount over its real price. These price conditions follow the line of the education orientation of Cooking Hacks.


    Documentation and training

    In addition, as you know, there are over 100 step-by-step tutorials available in order to help you to develop your IoT projects in a clever, pleasant and visual way. Following with the tutorials, we suggest you to visit the Cooking Hacks YouTube channel. Both tutorials and videos are made by our engineer team, who are also in charge of the Cooking Hacks Forum, the place where you will find answers to all your doubts.

    Finally, working by the hand of Libelium, we organize two types of training in Waspmote: a quarterly Waspmote Face-to-Face Workshop and a monthly Waspmote Free Overview Webinar (with the exception of January, July and August). They are the best option to get an overview of our Waspmote Sensor Platform to get started with it.

    To give a greater importance to technical education and teaching is a priority aim of Cooking Hacks and, for that, we want to encourage all the students and help all the educational entities to develop their projects. In the near future, companies will look for more than 4 million developers and we want to participate in their training.

  • International IoT Day is here!March 28, 2016


    April is coming, and with it one of our favorite days: The IoT Day. It is a worldwide event which will take place on April 9. The IoT Day is the meeting point for markers, developers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders or basically any person interested in technology, around the Internet of Things.

    The April 9, there are several events around the world scheduled to celebrate this important date discussing about IoT and what is capable of. In this sense, Cooking Hacks banks strongly on the Internet of Things and wants to promote it around the world.

    We want to encourage to all makers to develop IoT solutions, and what better way than by using our products. Discover our IoT Starter Kits fully compatible with a wide range of devices and with the most well known communication protocols (LoRaWAN, Sigfox, 3G/GPRS, WiFi, etc.).

    From Cooking Hacks we have prepared three promotion weeks to celebrate the IoT Day with you. We start today and we will disclose the new promotion weeks on following Mondays. They will be related to our IoT products.

    WEEK 3: 04/04 – 10/04

    The key day of these promotion weeks has come. The IoT Day is on April 9. To celebrate this date we want to boost the worldwide interest in IoT offering a 10% discount during this week in our new IoT Starter Kits category until April 10.
    These IoT Starter Kits are the perfect combination between a sensor platform and a communication protocol. In this case, the kits are equipped with the successful open source Waspmote Sensor Platform, designed by Libelium. Besides, they are available with the most well-known communication protocols as Sigfox, LoRaWAN, LoRa, WiFi, 3G, ZigBee and GPRS+GPS. Their distinctive characteristic is that they are fully compatible with our Waspmote Sensor Kits, the ideal choice for monitoring solutions.

  • Libelium Selected to Provide Open Source and Technology Dissemination Expertise for EU H2020 IoT Research ProjectMarch 8, 2016


    Libelium has been selected to participate in the Adoptive Gateways for Diverse Multiple Environments (AGILE) project, a project funded by the European Commission – H2020 ICT30 Program. Libelium will collaborate in AGILE project as Hardware Manufacturer for the maker’s version of the gateway. Libelium will develop a modular, inexpensive, multi-technology gateway for IoT devices. In addition, Libelium will assist in the dissemination and exploitation of the project through the existing client community and will also lead the crowdfunding campaign for AGILE.

    AGILE is a project funded by the European Commission – H2020 ICT30 Program. The total funding for the project is 6.857.550€ over three years and includes a consortium of 17 organizations, including CREATE-NET (Italy), iMinds VZW(Belgium), Eclipse Foundation Europe GmbH (Germany), ATOS Spain SA (Spain), Canonical Group Limited (United Kingdom), Rulemotion Ltd (United Kingdom), Jolocom UG (Germany), Universität Passau (Germany), Sky-Watch (Denmark), BioAssist SA (Greece), MOBISTAR SA (Belgium), Startupbootcamp (Spain), Technische Universität Graz (Austria), INRIA (France), EUROTECH SPA (Italy), Libelium (Spain), and IoTango S.A. (United States).

    The EU ICT30-2015 programme is the European programme for “Internet of Things and Platforms for Connected Smart Objects”. ICT 30-2015 cuts across several technological areas (smart systems integration, cyber-physical systems, smart networks, big data) and brings together different generic ICT technologies and their stakeholder constituencies to develop technological platforms that will have a strong influence on the way in which we live and work.

    AGILE aims to develop the software and hardware required to build modular gateway solutions for managing the devices and data in IoT solutions. It will support the local management of devices, data, app development, and runtime, and include security features that allow users to share data in a trusted way. The AGILE technology will be based on existing open source projects and create new open source technology to complete the solution. The AGILE project will also feature the integration of an IoT apps Marketplace to help facilitate a diverse ecosystem of extensions and plugins. Finally, AGILE will be used in five diverse Pilots in various domains (QuantifiedSelf, Smart Retails, Open Air monitoring using Drones, etc.) and be supported by an IoT Testbed, featuring more than 2500 sensors, to facilitate testing of IoT solutions.

    The AGILE project will leverage the skills, expertise, and technology of Libelium to create a sustainable and diverse community supporting the AGILE technology. The goal of AGILE is to create an ecosystem of large commercial technology companies, small start-ups, research institutions and individuals that 1) creates innovative solutions and extensions using the AGILE technology and 2) reinvest in the ongoing development of the AGILE technology. Libelium designs and manufactures hardware for wireless sensor networks and a complete software development kit (SDK) so that system integrators, engineering, and consultancy companies can deliver reliable Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Smart Cities solutions with minimum time to market. Waspmote—Libelium’s wireless sensor platform—is modular and ready to integrate with key Cloud systems (Azure by Microsoft, B-Scada, DeviceLynk, Devicify, Element Blue, Esri, IBM Bluemix, IoTSens, Sentilo, Sofía2 by Indra, Solvver, Telefonica, Thing +, ThingWorx), and low-energy IoT connectivity protocols (LoRa, MQTT, Sigfox). Over 2,000 developers from 90 countries in companies ranging from startups to universities to large international corporations have adopted Libelium’s technology for projects in five continents. Commercial deployments based on Waspmote include applications as varied as parking, traffic congestion, environmental monitoring, water quality and precision agriculture.

    Gartner named Libelium a Cool Vendor in embedded software and systems in 2014. Established in 2006, Libelium is privately held and has headquarters in Zaragoza, Spain.

    More information about the AGILE project is available at

    More information about the Libelium is available at

    We would be glad if you fill out this IoT Developer Survey. The results of the survey will be used by the AGILE project to better understand the IoT developer community. Click on this link to fill out the AGILE IoT Developer Survey.

  • IoT Spartans Challenge: the Battle Starts to Find Best Future DevelopersMarch 1, 2016

    IoT Spartans Challenge: the Battle Starts to Find Best Future Developers

    Around 1,200 students registered to compete at The IoT Spartans Challenge, the academic program to identify and give public recognition to the best future IoT developers and Universities

    With the aim to cover the educational gap to find future Internet-of-Things developers, Libelium opens the online IoT learning platform, an international contest with 1,200 participants that will battle online to be recognized as the best in the world.

    “The IoT Spartans Challenge” is an academic program by Libelium to identify and give public recognition to the best future IoT developers. It is an open competition for students and educational institutions. Participants will gain specific IoT knowledge that will enable them to extend current education, freshen job skills and prepare for a new career in today's IoT world. The first in the ranking will obtain money prizes up to 3.000 euros and the top 300 developers will be promoted in professional circles.

    In 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices generating 4,5 millions of IoT developer jobs. Nowadays, around 26% of European employers have difficulty filling jobs due to the lack of talent. That demonstrates that the IoT will be a huge opportunity specially for today’s teenagers. “Educational institutions and Universities are key in IoT future since they are producing tomorrow’s engineers and developers”, says Alicia Asín, Libelium's CEO. “The only way to prepare professionals and students for jobs that still do not exist is through a better technical education provided by our IoT academic platform for individuals, high schools and universities, so the best prepared will be the more demanded for future employment”, remarks Alicia Asín.

    Ten Universties have joined the challenge offering their students the hardware needed to follow the webinars and online quizzes: Universidad Politécnica of Cartagena (Spain), College of Nyíregyháza (Hungary), Universidad of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), Bhoomraddi College of Engineering & Technology (India), Edinburgh Napier University (UK), Universidad Tecnológica of Panamá, Universidad of Córdoba (Spain), Escuela Politécnica Nacional of Ecuador, Instituto Politécnico of Aveiro (Portugal) and CyRIC, Cyprus Research & Innovation Center will compete for the first position awarded with 5,000 euros prize.

    The online ranking with the best “IoT Spartans” and the best University will be published by 16th June and Libelium will promote the list through professionals IoT networks.

    Follow results at

  • Celebrate Maker TechDad's Day sharing time & wit with kidsMarch 1, 2016

    Celebrate Maker TechDad's Day sharing time & wit with kids

    Dad´s day Cooking Hacks kits

    Dad´s day Cooking Hacks kits
    Buy now

    Next week is a special date for fathers and their children. We are speaking about Father´s day, which is celebrated on March 19. It is a good moment to spend time with your children making together some hacks or to develop an amazing gift for you father. We have implemented a special Dad´s Day free shipping promotion until March 20. All orders above 200€ which contain at least one Cooking Hacks kit will be delivered without shipping costs.

    Which kind of Dad are you? Tech, DIY, Sports, Chef? Never mind, surely you can dedicate time to your kids sharing your wit with them and teaching how to develop your own smart project. For example, discover our Robot Kit and learn with children to set it up.

    Surely you love your father, so what better way to demonstrate your love than making a DIY gift. In Cooking Hacks you will find the best kits to prepare your Dad´s day hack. For example, you can develop a remotely control for his heating, ventilation and air conditioning system with our HVAC IR Remote module for Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

    We want to inspire you, so take a look at the following Cooking Hacks ideas:

    You can be the best maker father celebrating the Dad´s day introducing your children in the geek world, or you can be the best son developing an awesome and technological gift for your father, improving your electronic skills at the same time.

  • Libelium launches The IoT Marketplace with fully integrated solutions for IoT and Smart CitiesFebruary 25, 2016

    The IoT Marketplace is a one-stop click-and-buy-store, offering complete Internet of Things solutions ready to deploy smart applications including hardware, software and cloud connection

    The IoT Marketplace

    Today, at the Mobile World Congress, Libelium has launched The IoT Marketplace, a one-stop click-and-buy online store that offers fully integrated solutions from hardware sensors to cloud applications to speed up IoT adoption. The IoT Marketplace features out-of-the-box IoT kits containing programmed sensor devices connected to specific Cloud applications for use in pilots or proof of concept projects in the minimum time to market.

    Element Blue, ESRI, IBM, Indra, IoTSens, Microsoft, TelefĂłnica, ThingPlus and Thingworx are the first partners to join The IoT Marketplace offering Cloud connection services with Libelium gateway and sensor devices. The first 15 IoT kits provide solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Agriculture, Smart Environment, Smart Water or Smart Parking and classify as Solution Kits, Application Development Kits and Vertical Kits. New IoT kits and applications will be added along 2016 with Libelium Cloud Partners network support.

    At the Mobile World Congress, Libelium is showing some of these kits featuring solutions in Smart Environment and Smart Cities together with ThingPlus, Thingworx, SmartISCity and Envirosuite.

    “The IoT Marketplace offers fully integrated solutions trying to prevent customers from getting lost while designing their IoT projects”, explains Alicia Asín, Libelium CEO. “The IoT Marketplace allows companies to try solutions and visualize how to scale them in a cost effective way”.

    Libelium IoT kit

    Until now, choosing the right hardware and the cloud components was a complex decision making process involving many stakeholders and extending the sales cycle. Accordingly to the IoT Frustration Survey, companies recognize that the hype and confusion, the implementation difficulties and the high cost of deployments are the main and biggest frustrations with the IoT. “The Internet of Things generates a lot of hype but the lack of integrated solutions from hardware to application level is a barrier for fast adoption. The IoT Marketplace is removing this barrier”, points out Asín.

    “IoT projects are challenging to define. Having something specific like a kit to start discussing with your customers avoids the effect of facing a blank page”, says Julio Lerena, Alliances Manager at ESRI. “Besides, our potential customers can test our software platform for a specific application fully integrated with sensors”, adds Lerena.

    For more information about the IoT kits visit The IoT Marketplace

  • Blood Pressure Sensor Back in StockFebruary 3, 2016


    e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0

    e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0
    Buy now

    Maker, you are in luck! Our Blood Pressure Sensor, out of stock for a while, is now back. Finally we have received new units and they are in our warehouse ready to be served.

    This product are important a component of e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0, which is one of the most demanded products and, until now, it were only available without this sensor. With the Blood Pressure Sensor, that allows the user to monitor the pressure of the blood against the arteries as the heart pumps, you will get complete track of your vital signs. Maybe you bought the kit without them. Do not miss the opportunity to complete your solution right now!

    Check the e-Health Sensor Platform tutorial to know their full capabilities and read about some real application examples:

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