• Equip your Lab for summer school with Cooking HacksMay 30, 2016


    The end-of-class is here. Prepare the summer school equipping your lab with new kits. Summer time is perfect to improve students electronic skills with our specially designed kits for education. Take advantage of this long period of time and encourage them to be the best prepared to start next school year.

    One year ago, Cooking Hacks presented a website redesign to give greater importance to technical education and teaching. For that reason, we have been including kits focused on education and nowadays you can find more than 50 kits.

    More than 50 Education Kits available

    All of our kits are available with the most well-known communication protocols as 3G/GPRS, WiFi, LoRa, LoRaWAN, SIGFOX, ZigBee, etc. Besides, they enable a total customization because they are available with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Intel Galileo and Libelium Waspmote Sensor Platform boards. Just select the platform that best suits your needs and start developing amazing IoT projects.

    Waspmote Starter Kit

    Waspmote Starter Kit
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    Waspmote Evaluator Kit

    Waspmote Evaluator Kit
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    Starter Kit

    Starter Kit
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    New Education Kits category

    Up to now, you could find our wide range of kits in some categories sort by platforms, user level, skills and applications. There you were able to find kits designed towards education mixed with others.

    Now we have decided to release an Education kits category on purpose. This decision was made to emphasize this focus towards teaching. From now you will find the 'Education' category inside 'Kits by categories' in the left menu. As new Education kits will be launching we will add them to this category.

    The products contained in this category are specially designed for students and educational entities. To ease their purchase, the prices are adjusted to the maximum, being possible to find products with a 30% discount over its real price. These price conditions follow the line of the education orientation of Cooking Hacks.


    Documentation and training

    In addition, as you know, there are over 100 step-by-step tutorials available in order to help you to develop your IoT projects in a clever, pleasant and visual way. Following with the tutorials, we suggest you to visit the Cooking Hacks YouTube channel. Both tutorials and videos are made by our engineer team, who are also in charge of the Cooking Hacks Forum, the place where you will find answers to all your doubts.

    Finally, working by the hand of Libelium, we organize two types of training in Waspmote: a quarterly Waspmote Face-to-Face Workshop and a monthly Waspmote Free Overview Webinar (with the exception of January, July and August). They are the best option to get an overview of our Waspmote Sensor Platform to get started with it.

    To give a greater importance to technical education and teaching is a priority aim of Cooking Hacks and, for that, we want to encourage all the students and help all the educational entities to develop their projects. In the near future, companies will look for more than 4 million developers and we want to participate in their training.

  • Locate your car in every moment with a Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS) for Arduino and Raspberry PiMay 16, 2016


    Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS)

    Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS)
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    Summer is coming and we are sure that you are planning your holidays. There are some different ways to travel but we want to focus on car trips. It is known that in summer there is an increase of car sales. Regardless of this is your first trip in your new car or not, surely you like having your car ready for 'mile-eating' with new wheels and the engine tune up but, have you thought about a car robbers?

    A car theft is one of the most common fears on holidays, even more if your car is new, so in Cooking Hacks we have the solution for traveling without worries: the Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS) for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo. This is one of our best seller kits because of its versatility and its ease to implement.

    This kit basically consists of a GPRS+GPS Quadband Module (SIM908) which enable to develop real time tracking applications. Using it you can read GPS coordinates (longitude and latitude) with the Internal GPS Antenna and then send them by means of an Internal 4G-3G-GPRS-GSM Antenna using a HTTP request to a web server. Finally you can visualize this data in a maps app, for example Google Maps, in order to have the specific position of your car.

    As you know, we like encouraging and easing you the development of applications with our products, for that, we offer you a 10% discount in the Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS) for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo. You have no excuse to design an amazing real time tracking application.

    For more information take a look at our Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS) for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo tutorials:

    Finally, enjoy with this videotutorial which was made by members of Cooking Hacks team explaining the car tracking functioning:

    Now you can plan your holidays without worrying about where is your car because you will able to locate in every moment with out Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS) for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo.

  • Welcome the spring with Cooking HacksApril 11, 2016

    Cooking Hacks Spring Promotion

    April has started and spring is in the air, inundating everything with its energy. We can see more people in the streets and in flowery parks and gardens having a nice time doing some spring activities like sports, going for a walk, gardening, playing with their children or pets, etc.

    In Cooking Hacks we think that spring is one of the best seasons for developing technological hacks, so we want to encourage makers to design a spring hack. For that, we want to give you some ideas.

    Cooking Hacks Spring Promotion

    Open Garden Hydroponics
    Buy now

    If you have a garden you have the best excuse to develop a spring hack. Take advantage of this period of year when plants bloom and get the most beautiful garden in your neighborhood. In Cooking Hacks we have the best solution. Do you know our Open Garden kits? Open Garden is an open source solution with three different kits: the Open Garden Hydroponics, the Open Garden Indoor (1 Node + 1 Gateway) and the Open Garden Outdoor (1 Node + 1 Gateway), the most appropriate for gardens. This sensor platform enable to control your plants automatically and remotely. It is based on Arduino and allows the connection with some sensors to control specific plants growth parameters.

    If you have a garden, you may have a pond with fishes in it. In Cooking Hacks store you can find a solution to control their maintenance, the Open Aquarium kits. There are two complementary kits, Open Aquarium Basic and Open Aquarium Aquaponics. These kits are designed to monitor automatically the fish tanks and ponds conditions by means of a wireless connectivity. They are also based in Arduino and include sensors to monitor the aquatic life vital parameters.

    To help you to develop a spring hack, either the Open Garden kits like the Open Aquarium kits has a 10% discount until May 3. Find them in the Spring promotion category.

    Spring is the best time of year for doing outdoor sports. The weather is warm and it's neither very hot nor very cold. Have you think about monitor your physical activity? In Cooking Hacks you can find the most complete solution for it: the e-Health Sensor Platform. This kit allows to monitor biometric information like pulse and oxygen in blood, airflow, blood pressure, etc. Besides, it is fully compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo boards. Even if you want to monitor your path you can use out Tracking Kit, which allows to control your GPS position and send it by using a HTTP request to a web server.

    As you can see, spring is a season for makers and with our help you do not have excuse to develop amazing solutions with our products. Remember you can get an extra discount if you post your hacks in the Cooking Hacks Facebook page. So, what are you waiting for designing a great hack and sharing it with us?

  • Blood Pressure Sensor Back in StockFebruary 3, 2016


    e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0

    e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0
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    Maker, you are in luck! Our Blood Pressure Sensor, out of stock for a while, is now back. Finally we have received new units and they are in our warehouse ready to be served.

    This product are important a component of e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0, which is one of the most demanded products and, until now, it were only available without this sensor. With the Blood Pressure Sensor, that allows the user to monitor the pressure of the blood against the arteries as the heart pumps, you will get complete track of your vital signs. Maybe you bought the kit without them. Do not miss the opportunity to complete your solution right now!

    Check the e-Health Sensor Platform tutorial to know their full capabilities and read about some real application examples:

  • Back in stock: Open Garden Shield for ArduinoFebruary 3, 2016


    Open Garden Hydroponics

    Open Garden Hydroponics
    Buy now

    Our Open Garden Shield for Arduino, out of stock for a long time, have returned to Cooking Hacks storehouse.

    The Open Garden Shield for Arduino is an open source platform to remotely control your indoor and outdoor plants. It takes part of three different kits: the Open Garden Hydroponics, the Open Garden Outdoor (1 Node + 1 Gateway) and the Open Garden Indoor (1 Node + 1 Gateway), which were not available. All of them will be available and now is your opportunity to purchase the Open Garden kits.

    Check the Open Garden tutorial to know their full capabilities and read about this real application example: Open Garden Featured in a Connected Greenhouse Project.

  • Cooking Hacks reduces shipping fees. Get better prices!February 3, 2016


    From Cooking Hacks, we are always working to find the best and cost effective shipment way for our clients. This is part of our corporate philosophy. Therefore, we are glad to announce our shipping improvement.

    Basically, most of shipping fares have been reduced regardless of the destination country. Besides, if the delivery has a high weight, the fee has been reduced even more. Of course, we continue working with the same courier companies (TNT, DHL or UPS), ensuring the best delivery service.

    For example, if you buy one of our IoT Kits to be delivered to the USA, the shipping fee has been reduced up to 50%. In case of sending an e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0 to Australia, the saving is around a 40%. In case of sending our Starter Kit to Thailand, you can save around 50%. The shipping dee to send an Open Garden Hydroponics kit to Russia is reduced almost the 50%.

    In case of deliveries to Spain, the shipping fee starts in 5€. It means a discount of two euros less than in 2015. Also remember our free shipping policy: all orders with subtotal above 150€ are free delivered in Spain.

    Finally, we have removed the Handling Fee, which was a 1% commission on the price, so it also contributes to reduce these fares to the maximum.

    If you want to check your estimated shipping fee, you can use our Estimate shipping and tax tool. For that, you only have to go to the downside of the your Shopping Cart and there you will find the form. Fill the fields with the requiered data: Country, State/Province and Zip/Postal Code. Finally click on Get a quote button and you will get the estimate shipping fee with its corresponding courier company.

    Estimate shipping and tax

    Take advantage of our new shipping fees and get Cooking Hacks products with cheaper prices.

    Read more information about our shipping policy and other related issues in the Cooking Hacks Costumer Service.

  • Will yo be my Valentine? - Wit ideas for your presentJanuary 25, 2016

    Will yo be my Valentine? - Wit ideas for your present

    Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS)

    Tracking Kit (GPRS+GPS)
    Buy now

    February is coming. Have you planned your Valentine´s day? Love is in the air. It is time to arrange romantic meetings and to buy the best present for your partner. We want to help you to be original and to find something moving. Valentine´s day is a long tradition and everybody is tired of traditional gifts.

    We have the solution. From Cooking Hacks we want to help you to celebrate this day suggesting you a technological and absolutely different present. Something that will amaze your partner. A smart Valentine´s present!

    The idea is to use our Tracking Kit to prepare a geo-catching box to put inside a present. This box will be closed with a lock programmed to be opened only in a specific coordinates, for example where you met your friend. Using the GPRS+GPS Quadband Module and the Internal GPS Antenna you can track these coordinates and when you will be in the place you have programmed, the box will open automatically, giving your partner an awesome surprise.

    From Cooking Hacks we want to reward romantic makers with a 10% discount. You just need to post a photo or video with an explanation of your project in our Facebook page and we will put in contact with you for giving the discount coupon.

    Take a look at the video below and our tutorials to find some interesting examples of what you can do with the Tracking Kit:

  • Smart Carnival Costumes - Customize it!January 25, 2016

    Smart Carnival Costumes - Customize it!

    Starter Kit

    Starter Kit
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    Carnival is a worldwide extended festivity. Rio de Janeiro, Venize, Tenerife, Notting Hill or Nize have a well known carnival celebrations. All of them are different but they have something in common and that cannot miss: to wear an amazing costume.

    There are so many costumes as you can imagine but, from Cooking Hacks, we want to suggest you something different. Have you think about design a smart costume? You can customize it with electronic components that will transform your costume in something unique and different and will make you the king of the party.

    In Cooking Hacks we have the perfect solution to prepare this amazing costume: the Starter Kit. You can decorate outfit with different components that contain this kit. Imagine all you can do. To control a servo motor, to emit light of colors with some RGB leds, to emit sounds with a piezo speaker or even to show messages with an LCD display. And, of course, the Starter Kit is fully compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Intel Galileo platforms.

    To motivate you to design a smart carnival costume, we want to give you a 10% discount on your next purchase. You only have to share a photo or a video and a text explaining your project in our Facebook page and we will put in contact with you for giving the discount coupon.

    Take a look at our tutorials to find some interesting examples of what you can do with the Starter Kit:

  • Come Join Us at Maker Faire Bilbao 2015November 9, 2015

    Cooking Hacks will be once again at Maker Faire Bilbao, on the weekend of November 20-22. Yes, the whole weekend, this year Bilbao says goodbye to the "mini" and takes the next step to become a full Maker Faire, with more than 100 projects in display.

    LoRa 868 Extreme Range Connectivity Kit

    We will be promoting the recently launched IoT Spartans Challenge, an educational program by Libelium to identify, promote and give public recognition to the best future IoT developers. This program offers specialized training and a contest to rank and reward the most promising developers, including prizes for the top three developers and the top educational institution.

    You will also find in our booth some of our kits for developers and students, covering wireless technologies like LoRa(868/900), 3G, GPRS, GPS, XBee and the new Sigfox 868 Extreme Range Connectivity Kit. All this kits come with basic components like resistors and LEDs, sensors (LDR and Temperature), an LCD display, a servo and a micro motor. Take a look at the tutorials to see an example of what you can achieve with them.

    Maker Faire Bilbao will take place at Antigua FĂ¡brica de Galletas de Bilbao (Old Cookie Factory!) in Zorrozaurre. Check a map here.

    More info on

    Maker Faire Bilbao 2015

  • Introducing some New KitsJuly 28, 2015

    As you probably know by now, we released a new version of our website a few weeks ago. Apart from the visual aspect (we hope you're enjoying it), we have seized the opportunity to focus on technical education. Read about it here.

    This means a lot of new kits and tutorials for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Waspmote and Intel Galileo. Now we would like to tell you a little bit more in detail about our new kits.

    Our best shields and modules for Arduino, Raspberry Pi and Galileo have now their own kit. For instance, there's a Bluetooth Kit for the Bluetooth module Pro, a Tracking Kit for the GPRS+GPS Quadband Module or the Extreme Range Connectivity Kit for the LoRa module (868MHz/900MHz).

    3G+GPS Mobile Kit

    HVAC & TV Infrared Control Kit

    3G+GPS Mobile Kit (left) & HVAC & TV Infrared Control Kit (right)

    We have completely rearranged our idea of kits and included everything you need in a kit to develop full applications. Apart from the shield itself and some components, every kit contains a few accessories to be used with the shield: as you can see in the image above, the 3G+GPS Mobile Kit comes with GPS and 4G antennas, a thin speaker, an internal speaker, a microphone and a 2MP videocamera.

    In addition to all these new kits we have classified them by Platform, User Level and Category, so you can quickly find the right kit according to your experience, and depending on the field you want to work in.

    Customize Your Kit: Choose Your Platform

    Apart from having put together all these new kits, we also give you the chance to choose the platform you want to work with: Arduino, Raspberry Pi or Intel Galileo. Obviously, if you already have any of these boards and you just want to buy a kit with no platform it's fine.

    As you can see, we tried to supply in this platforms everything you need to program and power these boards, so you can start working right away without having to buy additional items.

    Arduino Platform

    Raspberry Pi Platform

    Arduino (left) & Raspberry Pi (right) Platforms. Include one of them in your Kit

    Starter Kit

    The Starter Kit has been upgraded and now has a few more components than it used to. Apart from a bunch of resistors and jumper cables, you can find some other basic components like push buttons (4x), potentiometers (2x),a piezo speaker or a breadboard.

    There's also some LEDs (red, green and RGB), sensors (LDR and Temperature), a transistor and a 9V to barrel jack adapter.

    New Starter Kit

    Additionally, we have included a Micro Servo, a Hobby Motor and an LCD screen. These items open a whole new world of applications for your projects: the LCD will allow you to visualize any data from the sensors, and the Motor and Micro Servo, along with the accessories, will provide you with tools for controlling any moving part of your project.

    You can buy this kit separately, but we thought it would be a good idea to have all the items of the Starter Kit in the rest of the kits. This way, if you buy any of them, like the Smart Cards Kit (NFC/RFID 13.56MHz), you will find everything from the Starter Kit in it, so you can make a specific application but with all these common and useful items.

    If you want to check everything you can accomplish with these new kits take a look at the tutorials we have prepared.

    Learning Kit

    The Learning kit is the first step for beginners in the Arduino world. Just like the rest of the kits you can buy it with or without the Arduino platform.

    Similar to the Starter Kit, it contains fairly common components like resistors, LEDs, an LCD display or some push buttons. The difference is that the shield comes unassembled, so you have to place and solder every component yourself (you will need extra tools).

    Learning Kit

    The idea is that you can learn step by step the basics of the through-hole soldering, and once the kit is assembled, you can program several applications to get started with Arduino, like controlling the LEDs with the buttons, displaying the temperature in the LCD or making a real life alarm clock.

    You can follow this detailed tutorial where we tell you how to prepare and solder the shield, download the libraries and complete every example.

    Robot Kit

    This one is also a brand new kit, and, as the Learning Kit, it is supposed to help you improve your soldering and programming skills. The Robot Kit contains everything you need to assemble your own tracked robot, small enough to qualify for Mini Sumo. It has two micro gear motors and a pair of silicone tracks. For detecting impacts and tracking orientation it has a 3-axis accelerometer, and an array of six infrared reflectance sensors enables line following and edge detection.

    Robot Kit

    The Robot is powered by 4 AA batteries and controlled with an Arduino Uno and a motor driver Zumo shield. This kit has its own tutorial where we explain what you need and how to solder and configure the robot. You can find libraries that will make it a little bit easier to control the robot and a few examples to get started, like a border detector, RC robot or a line follower.

    And there's more to come!

    We hope you like our new or upgraded Kits, and find them useful. Stay tuned to know more about our new kits: more to come in this blog. In the meantime, you can check a complete list of all our Kits here.

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