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  • Libelium focuses its business on professional IoT technology closing the electronics maker division "Cooking Hacks"September 27, 2019

    final stock cooking hacks

    In a technological market where the demand for professional solutions is increasingly challenging, Libelium has decided to focus on the strategic shift to offer complete IoT technology solutions specialising in vertical applications.

    This decision marks the operational closure of the e-commerce Cooking Hacks, the business division where Libelium has offered electronic products for amateur audiences (makers, students...). This shutdown will be effective from December 20, 2019. Until that date, Cooking Hacks will offer very attractive prices with different campaigns of stock liquidation. Libelium will continue to offer technical support and all products purchased will maintain their current warranty period.

    "As a pioneer in IoT, Libelium has offered technology for all audiences since the beginning in 2006. It is time to specialize in products and solutions with higher added value, better quality, accuracy and reliability; features that require more developed platforms than Arduino and Raspberry Pi. This requires allocating all of the company's resources to larger projects, which excludes the retailing of lower-demand components," explains Alicia AsĂ­n, co-founder and CEO of Libelium.

    Moreover, Libelium will continue offering its Waspmote OEM business line with all its components and actual references published on the catalog. These products will continue being available to be ordered through the sales team channel.

    Cooking Hacks started in 2011 with the intention of extending electronic for makers to any audience in an educational, accessible and fun way. Over the last 8 years, the online store has offered a complete catalogue of products and components, documentation, tutorials and a forum for resolving technical issues. Not in vane, Cooking Hacks has reached almost 30,000 subscribers to the newsletter and more than 11,500 followers in social media. This audience is evolving towards the professional side of IoT through the corporate website Libelium and The IoT Marketplace, the online store that offers complete solutions that include hardware and software "ready to use".

  • Call to Universities: The IoT Spartans Challenge starts in less than a monthMay 22, 2017


    Libelium sustains its education commitment launching the second edition of the IoT Spartans Challenge. The development of the IoT market is linked to the workforce that will be needed to program the 50 billion of IoT devices that are predicted to be connected to the Internet by 2020. This educational program focuses on covering the gap between the skills demanded by IoT companies and the practical knowledge of the engeneering students.

    The first three international Universities that have joined the Challenge are Aahrus University (from Denmark), IPCA (from Portugal) and UTP (from Panama), the winner of the past Spartans edition.

    Aahrus University
    UTP - Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá
    IPCA - Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave

    Keep in mind the benefits of the IoT Spartans Challenge for your University:

    • Worldwide promotion through Social Media and Libelium PR tools.
    • 2-day-Workshop for one teacher in Libelium headquarters in Zaragoza, Spain.
    • Special discounts on Libelium hardware specially designed to teach and research.
    • Further discount on the IoT Spartans Challenge Waspmote kits for students.
    • 400 code examples and more around 60 technical guides to easily create a syllabus with free access.
    • Free access to our Forum Service -exclusive for customers- to support teachers who require solving student’s questions.

    The IoT Spartans Challenge starts on June 15 with the Summer School, a period to warm up with some free webinars that explain basic concepts of the Internet of Things using our IoT platform Waspmote. The enrollment for IoT Spartans Summer School finishes on June 1, so hurry up and register your university in the contest, it is the best chance to put your educational entity on the Internet of Things world map.

  • Last call for IoT Spartans Challenge participantsMay 30, 2016


    The IoT Spartans Challenge is getting to the end. Time flies and your opportunities are ending. We have extended the deadline to June 17 so hurry up to make the exams and climb to the top of the rank. The final ranking will be disclosed on June 21. Take advantage to promote your talent to IoT companies that are looking for future developers.

    Besides, we have good news offering opportunities to improve your classification. From now on, you have an extra attempt in the exams! If you completed any test but you are not so proud of the result, you have a new chance to improve your qualification. The platform will use the highest score for the ranking. Even if you have not fulfill any test yet, now is the occasion with two new attempts.

    And that is not all. We give you an extra help to boost you ranking position. Encourage other participants with your experience at the Challenge and share your exams marks on Twitter. You only have to detail the name you registered in the IoT Spartans Challenge and the hastag #IoTSpartansChallenge and you will get 5 extra points.

    You have more time but do not leave the exams until last minute. Try to do them as soon as possible. After the deadline, it will be impossible to complete the IoT Spartans Challenge tests.

    Remember also our winner awards: Cash prizes for top 3 individuals (from 500 € to 3,000 €) and 5,000 € in Libelium equipment for the best university.

    The platform will be open during summer to improve your training. Get advantage of summer time and prepare yourself for the next edition. Maybe you are on the right track for being the next year winner.

    Request your teachers to organize electronic summer camp with IoT Spartans Challenge educational program. If your teacher adds the Waspmote Sensor Platform documentation to the subject of the course, he will be introducing students in one of the best IoT platforms.

    The end is close and the time presses. Do not miss this important chance to win these amazing prizes and to improve your skills. The ranking will be spread through our media, so we will give you visibility in the IoT world. This contest can be the door to your dreamed employment. What are you waiting to make the exams and to climb in the ranking?

    For any queries, please write to Remember to follow our Twitter profile @iotspartans to get updated information.

    We are waiting for the best warrior in IoT. Will you be the first in the IoT Spartans Challenge?

  • Arduino Day 2015 - Ten years of ArduinoMarch 18, 2015

    When is the next Arduino Day?

    Next March 28th is Arduino Day. It's a celebration of the first ten years of Arduino in every part of the world. It's an event organized by the community where people interested in Arduino share projects and knowledge and get together to learn new things.

    It's open to any group, makerspace, hackerspace or association. It's not just for professionals, if you are new to this world or you are just curious about it you will be more than welcome to participate.

    Five official events will be arranged by Arduino in Torino, Malmo, Bangalore, Boston and Budapest. The rest of the events are coordinated by the community and supported by the Arduino crew. Arduino provides a map where you can locate every event around the world so you can find one close to you. New events will be added up until Saturday 28th so keep an eye on it. Find out more.

    Arduino Day 2015 Map

    Arduino Day  2015

    Arduino Day Zaragoza 2015

    eTOPIA, the Center for Art & Technology of Zaragoza, will host the second edition of the Arduino Day Zaragoza. A group of local engineers, but mostly Arduino lovers, have gathered to celebrate and organize this very special day. They all want to share with you this opportunity to be part of an international community where you can learn selflessly and support Open Source and Do It Yourself Movements. Participants will be explaining their projects and talking about their experiences with Arduino and you'll be able to join in various workshops depending on your skills.

    It is an event where everybody is welcome, brought to you by a bunch of people spending generously their free time so you can enjoy lots of activities. Meet the organizers here.

    Cooking Hacks, together with eTOPIA and Zaragoza's Hackerspace DLabs, is supporting and helping to organize the second edition of this Arduino Day event. We will have our own stand where we will be more than happy to show you our shields and products for Arduino. We are going to talk about our Radiation Sensor Board and we are making a workshop demo where we will show you our e-Health Sensor Platform and the GPRS module.

    Check some Arduino Day Zaragoza 2014 photos:

    Arduino Day Zgz 2014
    Arduino Day Zgz 2014

    All throughout the day there will be a prize roulette, you can participate for free just by entering the event. Additionally, in order to give everybody involved in the organization of this day the reward they deserved, there will be prizes for best stand, best workshop and best talk.

    Moreover, if you have developed a project with Arduino recently or even during the Arduino day itself you can participate in three different contests: best Arduino project of the year, Line follower robot and Line follower robot development.

    Cooking Hacks is contributing to these activities providing all the rewards in every competition, there will be three prizes for each contest (Arduino Uno Boards, Bluetooth Modules and many more).

    Check all the contests and requirements here.

    Don't miss this very special day!

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