Waspmote: The Internet of Things Platform arrives at Campus Party (UK)August 12, 2013

Campus Party arrives in London for the first time. The goal is to bring together 10,000 participants from all over Europe from the 2nd to the 7th of September 2013. Hosted at the O2 Arena in London, there will be a sensational infrastructure to welcome Campuseros, who will participate in 500+ hours of content distributed between conferences, workshops, competitions and activities across 20 themes; all at Campus Party Europe in London.

In order to expand the knowledge about the Internet of Things, through our Open Sensor Platform, Waspmote, and the DIY philosophy, Cooking Hacks will contribute in this event with several keynotes and a Workshop. You can see the event schedule to not miss anything in the Campus Party.

On Wednesday 4th, at 10AM in Michelangelo Stage, Jorge Casanova and David Bordonada will start with a keynote about the evolution of the DIY movement in 3D Printing, and the Community around it. They will also talk about the 3D Printer released in Cooking Hacks and how each part of it works: from electronics to the hot-end.

The same day, at 9PM in Leonardo Stage, David Bordonada and Jorge Casanova will do an exhibition of the e-Health Sensor Platform with live examples of each sensor developed for this platform. We also show the mobile application using the WiFi module and we will invite the attendants to test them in the stage.

On Thursday 5th, at 4PM in Workshop1 Stage, Jorge Casanova and David Bordonada will do a workshop to show how to use Waspmote with some sensors, like the accelerometer or PIR sensors, and how to create a wireless sensor network using ZigBee and several Waspmotes. Learn how to enter in the Internet of Things with this versatile platform.

The same day, at 8PM in Leonardo Stage, Jorge Bergua will give a speech about Smart Cities. He will talk about the use of Waspmote and how to deal with traffic and parking management, noise and atmospheric pollution as the major challenges to minimise emissions and avoid unnecessary journeys and respiratory diseases, improving the quality of life and health.

Check the Interactive Event Schedule here

Do you want to meet us?

We will be from 3rd to 6th September in the Campus Party 2013. Write us to info [at] cooking-hacks [dot] com with subject "Meet at Campus Party" and we will contact you to talk there. See you!!

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