Blood Pressure Sensor Back in StockFebruary 3, 2016


e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0

e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0
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Maker, you are in luck! Our Blood Pressure Sensor, out of stock for a while, is now back. Finally we have received new units and they are in our warehouse ready to be served.

This product are important a component of e-Health Sensor Platform Kit V2.0, which is one of the most demanded products and, until now, it were only available without this sensor. With the Blood Pressure Sensor, that allows the user to monitor the pressure of the blood against the arteries as the heart pumps, you will get complete track of your vital signs. Maybe you bought the kit without them. Do not miss the opportunity to complete your solution right now!

Check the e-Health Sensor Platform tutorial to know their full capabilities and read about some real application examples:

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