3D Printer by Cooking Hacks. Imagine, Print, Go!May 7, 2013

The new 3D Printer Kit includes all the hardware components needed to mount a 3D printer device from scratch, a step-by-step instruction guide and access to hands-on Build-It Workshops.

Destined for makers, hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts, the Cooking Hacks 3D Printer Kit includes professional online customer support for assembly and calibration.

The Cooking Hacks 3D Printer Kit is based on the latest Prusa iT3 open hardware design with components tested in the Libelium lab. With multi-voltage/frequency (220v/110v, 50/60Hz) capabilities, the, Kit has worldwide operability and includes:
- Electronics: motors, drivers, RAMPS to allow printing from an SD card, heated bed, end stop, Arduino Mega, thermistor (thermal resistor)
- Mechanics: standard hotend (extruder), bearings, fasteners, rods, belts, pulleys
- Structure: frame, plastic parts
- Tools for mounting

You can find the complete information in our Step by Step Guide.

Imagine, Print, Go!

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