Ammonium Ion (NH4+) Sensor Probe [PRO]

Ammonium Ion (NH4+) Sensor Probe


  • Ion : Ammonium Ion (NH4+ )
  • Sensitivity : -54 ± 5
  • Temp (°C) : 5 - 50
  • pH : 4 - 8,5
  • Lineal Range : 0,09 - 9000 mg/L
  • Interferences : K (-0,8); Na (-2,7); Mg (-3,2); Ca (-4)

Differences between Ion Sensors and Ion Sensors PRO

Ions sensors are divided into two different groups: the normal ion sensor line and the PRO ion sensor line. The normal sensors are divided into Single and Double. It is important to know that it is not possible to combine the different groups of sensors (Single, Double and PRO). Each group has its own reference probe, and the reference probe can only be used with the corresponding sensors of that group:

Normal Ion Sensors Single Junction Reference Probe
Double Junction Reference Probe
PRO Ion Sensors Smart Water Ions Reference Sensor Probe [PRO]

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