3D Printer Complete Kit - Prusa IT3


NOTE: Currently, we are offering an aluminium frame.

Get all the necessary components to mount it in just one kit. See the complete Bill of Materials here.

- We give a complete step-by-step guide so that anyone can assemble it by themselves at home and in just one day
- We give you support in the mounting process through our Forum
- We use only quality components that we have tested in our lab by printing thousands of pieces
- It is one of the least expensive 3D printer kits in the market. It’s perfect for people who are starting out and want a step-by-step guide
- You can acquire a Complete 3D Printer Kit or purchase the components separately to complete or repair your own printer
- With this kit, Cooking Hacks is not only launching a components kit but a community movement that includes face to face courses to show you how to mount your 3D printer. First courses launched in US and Spain
- It works with both input voltages Europe (220V) and US (110V)

- 3 Options for Print layer thickness: 0.3, 0.4, 0.5mm
- Input voltage: 220V (Europe) / 110V (US)
- Material: 3mm ABS and 3 mm PLA
- Approximately assembly time: 8 hours
- Printing area: 20x20x20 cm
- Printer dimensions: 34x44x37 cm
- Based on the PRUSA ITERATION 3 - IT3

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